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Son launches to collect stories and truly honor fathers

Richmond, Virginia (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

Those seeking to pay tribute to their dad this Father’s Day should look no further than
Sharing a story on this website is simple, but the results can be profound. A father gets to hear what lessons he’s taught his daughter. A veteran is told his son is proud of him. A man gets to share what he misses most about his dad. A woman explains how her father makes her laugh. They aren’t complicated tales. Some are only a few sentences or maybe a photo and caption, but they come from the heart.
“We aren’t saying your dad was perfect, but I bet there were days that he really shined,” says the founder, Doug Orcutt, “We are creating a platform to share the good stuff, to boast about our fathers, to honor them, and to encourage others.”
Mr. Orcutt lost his dad in 2011. He found that sharing stories about him was a way to heal. It helped for his father’s memory to live on in his life. Sad that an obituary was all that existed online, Doug began to create the site. He admits, “It started out as a tribute to my father, but soon snowballed into a forum for everyone.”
Doug confesses, even when his dad was alive, he felt he never truly honored him on Father’s Day. He thought his dad appreciated the gifts, the new tie or latest gadget, but the greeting card never really said what he felt. “I regret not telling him more often how much he meant to me,” said Doug, “I think pride sometimes got in the way.”
When Mr. Orcutt’s dad became ill in 2010, he decided to write him a letter. He thanked him for being his father and told him all the things that he had taught him, the things that made him the man he was today. He told him how grateful he was and how much he loved him. Doug says, “I’m forever thankful that I had that opportunity. It is out of that experience that this project emerged. You think you’ll always have time to tell your dad, but then the busyness of life happens. I think we need to set time aside and find a place to speak from our hearts. This is that place.”
Mr. Orcutt’s hope is that this project will use social media for good. It will connect families, strengthen relationships, and create a positive momentum that is contagious. He hopes sons and daughters will post stories, and if their dad is still part of their life, they’ll share it with him. If he’s passed on, they’ll have a place to honor him, a place to pay tribute.
Doug is hoping readers will be inspired to share and has raised the stakes for the approaching holiday. Not only is the website free, but from now until midnight on Father’s Day, June 16th, any story submitted on the site is eligible to win a $100 gift card to Bass Pro Shops. Check out the details at is a free website, a platform for honoring dads. It’s a place to share the good in our fathers. It’s a place to post a photo, a video, or just a few sentences. It’s a place to pay tribute, to remember, to heal, and to inspire.

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