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Dining on a nutrient-dense plan can be a difficult feat with the swirling and rush of busy schedules, but making healthy decisions isn’t only about eating better, it helps take steps to a healthier weight.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) August 31, 2014

With convenient, inexpensive and tasty fast food options lurking around every corner, it can seem hard to make healthy food decisions all the time. However, making healthy choices can be easier because of the abundant less-sugar, less-fat options that are available throughout grocery stores.

That's what Experient Health, the health insurance arm of the Virginia Farm Bureau, reported this month in its blog series on health care reform, health insurance and health care issues. The blog was launched last year to keep the community informed of issues and trends that impact their lives.

This latest blog post highlighted which foods to eat and which to avoid, while still maintaining great flavor.

"Along with eating a variety of foods, balancing the food you eat with physical activity and choosing a diet moderate in sugars, saturated fat and sodium, using this brief, but out helpful “eat this, not that” guide can help get you started on your trek to a healthier lifestyle," Experient Health wrote. "It’s also important to keep in mind when making food choices that the average calorie intake for women and older adults is 1,600 calories, 2,800 for teenage boys, many active men and some very active women."

Below are a few examples of the ways that a food pyramid can be broken down to cater to healthy eating.

Meat Group:

Instead of beef (chuck, rib, brisket), chicken with skin, lunch meats (such as bologna), hot dogs, bacon or sausage refried beans, replace with loin, round beef, fat-trimmed chicken, low fat lunch meats, Canadian bacon or lean ham, canned kidney or pinto beans.

Grain Group:

Instead of granola sweetened cereals, pasta with cheese sauce, pasta with white sauce, or croissants and pastries, replace with reduced-fat granola, unsweetened cereals with cut-up fruit, pasta with vegetables, pasta with red sauce, and toast or bread (try to stick with whole grain).

Vegetable Group:

Instead of deep-friend french fries, backed potato with cheese sauce or fried vegetables, replace with oven-baked “french fries,” a baked potato with salsa or steamed/roasted vegetables.

To view all of the food groups and examples of “eat this, not that," visit this Experient Health blog post here.

Additional information on health eating on the food pyramid is available online at http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/publications/mypyramid/originalfoodguidepyramids/fgp/fgppamphlet.pdf.


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