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RICHMOND, Va., July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today, about one in 10 Americans use e-cigarettes, an alternative to traditional tobacco products. The growing popularity of e-cigs, also known as “vaping,” has created demand for a way to protect vaping devices, e-liquids and accessories.

Avail Vapor, in partnership with IdeaStream Consumer Products, created “VaporVaultz™,” a locking case that allows e-cig users to protect, store, organize and transport their e-cig investments. The heavy-duty nylon zippered case, featuring a combination lock, also prevents accidental exposure to children and pets.

VaporVaultz™ cases retail for $25 and are available today at Avail Vapor’s 45 stores and also at

“Our customers invest in our personal vaping devices and our liquids,” said James Xu, co-founder of Avail Vapor, “and we want them to protect that investment. This affordable case is a great way to keep your vaping materials organized and secure. And as a person who travels frequently, I can attest that it’s also a great travel companion.”

The storage case was unveiled recently at Miami’s World Vape Expo, one of the world’s largest vaping showcases.

Avail Vapor and IdeaStream Consumer products are working together to encourage e-cigarette users to vape responsibly and discourage underage use of vaping products.

About Avail Vapor™

Avail Vapor, headquartered in Richmond, VA, was founded in 2013. The company sells personal vaping devices and produces more than 70 e-liquid flavors with ingredients sourced by 100% USA suppliers. Avail has 45 retail stores in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Avail Vapor’s products are available through its stores and at

About IdeaStream Consumer Products®

Idea Consumer Products, LLC, based in Cleveland, OH, is a consumer products company with annual sales of more than 100 million and a focus on innovation. The company pioneered the Vaultz® brand, which offers storage solutions for personal and business use, and has now expanded its product line to include VaporVaultz™. Learn more at

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