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Singers. Comedians. Pole-vaulters?! These are just some of the categories that contestants have fallen under for “Seniors Got Talent,” the annual competition hosted by Seniors Guide.
Every summer, Seniors Guide invites residents at independent living communities, assisted living communities, active adult communities and nursing homes to submit videos that showcase their unique skills. Popular submissions have come from communities in Myrtle Beach; Lebanon, OH; Durham, NC and more. And all contestants are eligible for cash prizes up to $1,000. Potential contestants have until December 1 to submit. The winner is determined from online votes at the contest’s website.

But the folks over at Seniors Guide are quick to point out that it’s not just about being talented; it’s also about having a good time.

“Sure, it’s called ‘Seniors Got Talent,’ but it might as well be called ‘Seniors Have Fun,’” says Katharine Ross, Vice President of Seniors Guide. “It’s not just about seniors showing off their hidden talents; it’s about letting loose and enjoying retirement. You don’t have to sing like Christina Aguilera or shoot hoops like Lebron James to go far in this competition. Everyone should feel free to give it a shot! And it’s not just fun for the contestants; we also have such a great time watching the videos.”

Speaking of watching the videos, anyone can view them at and vote once a day between now and December 31. The winners will be announced in January, when they can claim their cash prizes!

For more information, check out the rules and regulations at

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