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Introducing “Help-the-Vets,” BrainTrain’s new Cognitive Rehabilitation program for veterans

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If you are a healthcare professional, BrainTrain is offering you the opportunity to deliver a desperately needed service to veterans suffering from brain injuries or PTSD. Any healthcare professional qualified to provide cognitive rehabilitation services can acquire BrainTrain’s professional cognitive rehabilitation software system at no charge for the purpose of serving veterans. Licenses for the system, called the Captain’s Log: MindPower Builder include the capability for both office and in-home use and require a PC or tablet with Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC.

To take advantage of this offer, the provider must be a qualified cognitive rehabilitation specialist who agrees to use the software to help up to five Wounded Warriors. The provision of these services requires an initial face-to-face meeting and continued coordination of services on or off-site via BrainTrain’s secured cloud service system. Billing for cognitive rehabilitation services is optional; general information about billing codes is available on the BrainTrain website.

Over 500,000 Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are believed to have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), over 350,000 are estimated to have PTSD and about 190,000 have both. News articles about delays in access to care have led many individuals to search for some way to help these veterans who have sacrificed everything for their country.

The Captain’s Log MindPower Builder is the premier cognitive training system designed specifically for use by professionals. The system is easy to use, yet extraordinarily comprehensive, providing a library of over 2,000 game-like exercises designed to train 20 discreet cognitive skills, including working memory, sustained attention, problem solving, impulse control, etc. The system’s initial test battery wizard can be used to create a customized training plan for each client, or providers can select the skills to train and customize a plan based on their own assessment of the client’s specific needs. Research supporting the clinical efficacy of the system is available on the BrainTrain website.
If you are a healthcare professional and would like to actively participate in BrainTrain’s Help-the-Vets initiative, please visit From there you can learn more how to use the MindPower Builder, plus you can download a free trial of the software.
BrainTrain’s history of helping veterans

Now in its 27th year, BrainTrain has, in the past, provided over half a million dollars’ worth of free cognitive training software to the cause of helping veterans with brain injuries and PTSD. In addition, the company has donated a portion of its proceeds to Elizabeth Shatner’s Horses for Heroes program, which provides animal assisted therapy to veterans. In 2014, the Brain Injury Association of New York State presented BrainTrain’s president, Dr. Joseph Sandford, with its Corporate Citizen’s Award in recognition of his contributions to the cause of helping wounded warriors.

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