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Kicking off 2016, the online resource for retirement, nursing homes, home care is offering seniors more realistic ways to stay active, lose weight and sleep better.

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Exercise, nutrition and sleep are critical to your health throughout your life, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important as you age. Staying active, eating right, keeping your weight down, and getting a good night’s sleep, can help seniors remain both physically and mentally fit and potentially even live longer.
However, for many, lack of motivation seems to increase in direct proportion to their advancing age.
“As we get older, there’s sometimes the tendency to say, ‘I’ve earned the right to do what I want. I’m going to eat that piece of cake,’” says Katharine Ross, vice president of Seniors Guide magazine. “No one is saying, ‘Don’t eat the cake.’ We’re simply suggesting that you plan to take a walk after you eat it.”
As everyone was making New Year’s resolutions in January—and trying to stick to them—Seniors Guide took the opportunity to offer some good advice on how to lose holiday pounds, bring workouts indoors as the weather got colder, and choose the right fitness tracker. The online resource also enlightened seniors about the importance of sleep to their health and revealed some interesting facts about this restorative period.
“We know you’re probably not going to go out and run a marathon, but practicing healthy habits really doesn’t have to be that radical,” notes Ross.
January’s Seniors Guide posts provide seniors with more realistic—and fun—options for exercise like organizing a dance party with friends or chasing your grandkids around the house to get your heart pumping. These articles also deliver some kernels of wisdom to this already pretty wise generation, such as staying hydrated helps you burn calories faster and lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight.
At Seniors Guide, our mission is not only to equip seniors with information that is relevant but also to provide them with advice that is realistic and, most importantly, to help them set goals that are achievable.
Seniors Guide, a Richmond, Va. -based company, publishes Seniors Guide magazines throughout Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Roanoke-Lynchburg, Virginia and features a correlating website of Seniors Guide’s mission is to help seniors and their families find the information they need on options available in senior housing, senior care, assisted living, independent senior living, retirement communities and other retirement living needs. Seniors Guide also has resources at for Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; and Richmond, VA. Ross Publishing, Seniors Guide’s parent company, began in 1991 and has been publishing helpful, free publications and websites ever since. In addition to the many Seniors Guide titles, the team at Ross Publishing is behind lifestyle magazine BOOMER and real estate publication Apartment Navigator.

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