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Nestiny plans to revolutionize the home buying process by empowering and educating consumers.

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Nestiny, a new company focused on improving the home buying experience, officially launched to the public this week.

Nestiny is revolutionizing homebuyer education with an unprecedented guided learning process and fun tools that help homebuyers discover their financial and personal readiness to buy a home. The heartbeat of Nestiny is the site, a mobile-friendly destination for homebuyers full of visually appealing educational content, expert advice, useful tools and fun games. Nestiny simplifies the overwhelming home buying process and helps homebuyers discover their wants and needs.

“The home buying process is broken and we know the key to fixing it is education,” said Founder and CEO Jody Clower.

“For most people, buying a home is the most expensive purchase they will ever make, and the process can be very complicated, confusing and scary. Many people just don’t know where to start and get bad advice if they look in the wrong places first.”

“Most homebuyers waste valuable time looking at houses that aren’t right for various financial and non-financial reasons. offers a safe and trusted portal where homebuyers can get curated information they need at their own pace, whenever they need it and on whatever device they prefer.”

The platform has already garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from its new member base as well as from Realtors who welcome a smarter and more frictionless way to educate their clients before they begin their search. Nestiny is also attracting the attention of various media outlets, having been featured on Bloomberg Radio, NBC news, Borrowed and Blue and Virginia Bride among others.

“This is just the beginning for us,” Clower continued. “We want to show the country that you don’t always have to be in Silicon Valley or New York City to innovate. We are proud to represent Richmond and contribute to the already thriving local economy by solving a national problem that demands attention.”

About Nestiny:
Founded in Richmond, Virginia, Nestiny is a destination website specializing in online homebuyer education. By providing a source of expert advice to homebuyers as well as giving them an arsenal of educational tools and games, Nestiny guides homebuyers through their learning process from start to finish in an approachable, engaging way. View a short video intro here:
For more information about Nestiny, please visit, or contact Jody Clower by phone at (804) 441-4402 or via email at jody(at)nestiny(dot)com.

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