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Friday, October 9, 2015

The City of Richmond today released its annual leaf collection program schedule, which is set to begin Monday, Nov. 30. The Department of Public Works will conduct one 10-week cycle to vacuum leaves throughout the entire city. In addition, the department will collect bagged leaves on a continual basis.

“Public Works will vacuum leaves throughout all Richmond neighborhoods beginning Nov. 30 through Feb. 5,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “The schedule we are issuing allows us to serve the entire city, and to deliver services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

In previous years, Public Works conducted two vacuum collection cycles that often lasted as long as 22 weeks. Following budget reductions approved earlier this year, City officials initially were faced with either eliminating vacuum leaf collections in many neighborhoods, or seeking additional funding. Mayor Jones asked that an alternative be identified that would maintain leaf collection services for the entire City, while doing so more efficiently.

“I’m pleased that we’ve found a way to ensure leaves are vacuumed from all of Richmond’s neighborhoods,” stated 4th District City Councilwoman Kathy Graziano. “This is a creative solution to continue delivering services despite reductions to the public works budget.”

The Department of Public Works reminds residents to rake leaves to the property line that is adjacent to the street prior to their scheduled vacuum collection date. Leaves and other debris should never be raked or placed into the street or culvert. Dirt, rocks, metal or branches should be removed from leaf piles, as this will prevent City crews from collecting the piles.

Residents who bag leaves should use biodegradable lawn or leaf bags, as they can be recycled with the leaves. During a neighborhood’s vacuum collection dates, City crews will pick up an unlimited number of bagged leaves per household. At other times and on a continuous basis, up to 25 bags of leaves will be picked up on the same days as trash collection.

The schedule is as follows:

City residents may also dispose of leaves by taking them to several locations: East Richmond Road Convenience Center at 3800 East Richmond Road; Maury Street Landfill at 2900 Maury Street; and the “Powerline” at 8600 Huguenot Road at the northwest corner of Chippenham Parkway.

The above schedule may change as a result of inclement weather. The vacuum leaf schedule and information about other city services are available at The schedule is also available by calling the leaf hotline at (804) 646-LEAF (5323).

Posted by Office of the Press Secretary to the Mayor at 4:15 PM

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